Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blog? What blog?

If there's one thing I truly suck at, it's blogging.
When I do remember my camera, I forget to put the post online for...oooh, about a month or two. So here's some photos from stuff I've been up to in the big smoke.

Webcomix Thing! I especially enjoyed picking up books
from Lando, Nichangell and David O, Connell.

Schmurgencon 4, where I was lucky enough to be
awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Schmurgen
himself. Now I have to retire. Or die.

Private view of the fantastic Louise Thomas' exhibition,
"Everybody Is a Lake" Which is still on, Check it out!
That's StudioCanoe there, looking thoroughly mongol.

Death Trip, my housemate Ronnie's Punk night in E3.
Wetdog really smashed it. Me and R4ggs were danc'in.

The Fleece Station Party, where far too much
cake was consumed.

Also, and probably most importantly, The DFC Library kicked off with the beautiful Mezolith. But some people are actually good at this blogging thing, so I'll leave that to them.

Till next time!