Thursday, 18 March 2010

Liquid Dev 1.

So I'm trying again with Liquid City. I was really unhappy with it as it stood after the "promo" I made for MCM, so I went back and redesigned the bastard from the ground up. What I was worried about in the first instance was the total failure to get across the feel of the city. Liquid was supposed to be slutty, slimy, vapid and stupid. What the promo was pushing was just a generic cyberpunky mess. This redesign, I feel, is much more on the nose.
I'm still arguing with the way I want to draw it, and these pinups i'm currently pretty unhappy with. They're missing a couple of things i've figured out as "probably important in comics" lately, but are still much more in the vein of what I wanted for the book. I'm going to stop faffing around with style choices soon, mind you. I have a couple more characters to design, a couple more locations and then it's straight into test pages.
I feel like i'm getting there. Albeit bloody slowly...