Monday, 10 December 2007

Hey, Blondie.

I was cleaning out my cesspool of a studio today when I found an old digital camera. Y'know, one of the ones from back in the day before every single cell phone on the market had a shutter attached, and a little mini-camera was a cool toy to have. Anyway, among five year old pictures of artist buddies and ref. pics - I found this. Who the hell is this? I have absolutely no memory of this person whatsoever. This camera didn't have a two second delay, like most of these newfangled things- so the poor woman intentionally took a photo up her nose. Either that, or I did.

Nope, still don't remember who she is.

Like finding a single lost glove, it made my day in an Amélie Poulain, kind of way.


よしえ [Yoshie] said...

Hohoho Welcome to blogspot!

Yayy finally a non LJer.... btw may I link you on my blog?

aqws said...

weh yeas, sure! I have Zero other friends on blogger! XD