Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ink roughs.

I've started doing really overblown ink roughs for my comic pages recently. I've been very unahappy with my black ad white balance, and hopefuly this will help. I'll post up the final page when it's done, and i'd be real interested for some feedback at that point. I'd currently recommend everyone to do some serious ink roughs before they start their artwork- But I guess we shall see if it actually has any impact on my work, at least.


Fehed said...

I think I recognise the character. Is this the slightly risqué comic you'd posted a page of on SD?

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this piece.

fuurin said...

Ink roughs? Are these like your first page sketches? Where in the page construction process does this come in. It's interesting, I can definitely see the benefit of doing these.

aqws said...

err,I do composition sketches first to work out the panelling and flow. these are done after. It's really just to work out where the black, white and tone will sit best, y'know?