Saturday, 2 February 2008


I can't be bothered to blog about how amazing the biggest comics con in Europe is. If you haven't been it's not really worth describing. Instead I'l just make a list of some of the stuff I enjoyed.
-Munoz Exhibition
-Clamp Exhibition
-Seeing Olivier Vatine
-Comics classes with Savoia (my idol)
-Meeting a Marvel editor hungover in the street at 7 in the morning
-Bumping into Yishan Li at 4 in the morning
-Going to the pub with Gene Luen Yang.
-Going to the pub with Ed Bagwell
-Going to the pub with Nick Abadzis
(there's a theme emerging here...)
-Going to the pub with Bart Beaty & Stephen Betts
-and randomly being given two tickets to the award ceremony!
All good fun. The photos here are just to give you an idea of the scale. This isn't the convention area, just trying to walk down the hill.


fuurin said...

Looks pretty sweet! :D Is pub-going a must for these events? Better start working on my alcohol tolerance...

aqws said...

Well, Angouleme tends to not get started until about midnight- and the bars never close. Other cons are different, but I still swear the bar is the place to get your netwoking done :)

よしえ [Yoshie] said...

OO that looks like fun.

Btw Nana, you can go to a pub and NOT drink y'know?... XD Beer stinks.

fuurin said...

LOL My experience is that if people are getting drunk around you they will be able to tell that you're not one of them if you're not drunk (or acting drunk XD) as well. ^.~