Wednesday, 1 October 2008

No more Wendling for me thanks.

Urgle. After spending some considerable time replicating a very Franco-Belgian "clear line" artwork style (hey, I do what i'm told) I had a mental spazm and gorged myself on some of the best comics to come from Italy. Massimiliano Frezzato, Barbucchi & Canepa, Liberatore and the slightly disturbing Fernado Caretta. Claire Wendling too, but she's French so she doesn't count. Okay, so they're all produced in BD form in French first, but then SkyDoll is now a marvel book, I hear (So that's what that guy was doing with Soleil at Angouleme. I'm glad I was drunk when major comics deals were going down- it's very reassuring.) Anyways, here are the scribbled results. I wanted to do a fantasy story with a young female heroine for the DFC. I wrote the whole damn thing before I realised Kate Brown beat me to it.
Oh, and nothing happened in the last six months. no really, I'm seeing schooners when I close my eyes. I'm going to try and update this more frequently, honest.


nana said...

I was wondering when you'd revive this blog. :)
I picked up Sky Doll in a tiny comic shop close to the Notre Dame when we went to Paris for our post-final exams celebration. Sadly I don't know a word of French so the story is still a bit hazy but it looks friggin' fantastic! It's always interesting to see a serious topic tackled using a more cartoonish style.