Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fun for all.

I like to project the image that i'm a party person, but actually i'm a comic book artist. Alas, the two a diametrically opposed.

However lately I've found i'm finally starting to get the "work hard, play hard" ratio in balance. If i'm not working, i'm out walking along the Thames or visiting galleries or meeting new people somewhere in London. I even managed to throw a house party last weekend, which was magical and full of a great deal of clashing east-London outfits. I don't know whose the wigs were, and I couldn't resist fiddling with the photos to make it look like a post-punk nightmare. It was very civilised, honest! We lit the house with tea-lights, made sure everyone had a glowband from Camden and lit a fire in an incinerator bin outside, for when the party spilled out into our courtyard.
A gatecrasher nobody knew exclaimed that this was the strangest house party she had ever been to, which I took to be a good thing.

I'm off to Angouleme BD festival tomorrow, which is always a great party. I tend to come back buzzing with new comic ideas to try, which is just what I need right now as i've been pretty miserable about my artwork lately.
I'm going to try and buy lots of people presents this year, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. :D

Oh! and a very happy Chinese New Year to everyone. I ate enough dumplings to kill a man, which they nearly did. Yum!



Fehed said...

Ah Fuck!! >_<; I totally forgot about your house party... I really wanted to go too. Fuck!!

This is why I always write things into google calendar, because I suck at remembering things!! Fuck!!

Can I say Fuck one more time?


aqws said...

Oh, there will be more! A good friend of mine wants to have an "I've finished Chemo" party here soon with a couple of pounds on the door to cancer research. That'll probably be in a month or two. :)

Kate said...

Have fun at Angouleme! :D