Friday, 5 June 2009


Now, see, why don't the rest of my comics look like this? Probably because I can't draw for spit when i'm not working from life or a photo? Discuss.
Anyway, ink. I recently had what the cool kids call an "epic facepalm" moment when I realised that I should probably be using my world-weary crowquill (try saying that ten times when you're drunk) like a feather duster rather than a sledgehammer & chisel. Not to say that carving isn't useful when drawing, but somewhere along the way I seem to have skipped the subtlety that should come with ink. While I was inking this I was reminded of old Punch pen and ink illustrations. I don't know if you can find any collections of these wonderful etchings and drawings but they're well worth hunting for. I found four volumes of the Punch Picture library in an antique bookshop in Cornwall. Cost me a bloody fortune. Worth every penny. Also, while we're on the subject of ink and tone- all you manga people should do yourselves a favour and look at the etchings of Francisco Goya who, using copperpoint etching and aquatint (one of the most satisfying and deliciously poisonous art methods ever) in my opinion made better use of "screentone" ( and quite possibly ink) than anyone since.
Shouldn't have posted that etching up. Now my drawing looks totally crap. How big is that ear! Ugh!


Kate said...

oah, shit! Nice illustration John! Are you using Manga Studio to do your tones...? I'd love to be able to screen-tone. Must study more...

That bottom pic is lovely. Nom-nom-nom linework nom.

P.S. my word verification of the day is "Fastsap."

aqws said...

I LOVE blogspot word verification! I want to make comics about them!

The tones are just a pattern I found online somewhere filled on photoshop. It moire's on screen, but I haven't printed any tones out lately to see if it always does. I do use manga studio- i just export the speedlines and tones to a .tif file and have nothing more to do with the filthy program ;p

nana said...

I can't believe you're not making use of toning in MS! It's such a great program for that! Why complicate things by exporting them?

Great portrait! Although keeping all that consistent... *headache* How Ryoichi Ikegami does it so well is something I may never know.

I don't think that I can appreciate Goya to your level... at least not yet. It's probably one of those cases when something is simply so out of your league that you can't even see the genius in it. XD

Verification word: "petors"