Monday, 14 September 2009


I just got in touch with an old uni friend- now a bigshot marketing man- who showed me some of an old music video that he directed, which I did all the concepts and the storyboards for. This was back in Uni, mind you, so please excuse the crappy drawings. I tend to shy away from storyboards nowadays, but It's fun when people take your artwork and run with it though!


Kate said...

ou know I clicked on this and expected fanart of Sharon Valerii. When are you gonna do some BSG drawings, hummm? :D

Kate said...

uh... half of my message was lost for some reason, wtf.
Uh, I thought the stuff you put up was cool, basically. ^^

aqws said...

Not as good as a hot evil azn cylon though, I agree.

nana said...

Neat! Must be awesome to see your ideas used. :D
I got to try my hands on storyboarding this summer. It was fun but quite difficult! I spent 18 frames making a car crash into some doors and that's all I had time for. XD