Monday, 31 May 2010

MCM 17.

Another May, another MCM.
This time I was selling at the DFC table, trying to shift some of the gorgeous new DFC Library books. Bob Etherington, turned up to pimp Monkey Nuts, Baggage and all their related crazyness. Nobody sells like the Etheringtons. It's like they're a magnet for doe-eyed teenage girls.Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty were there on behalf of Mezolith, looking a little bemused, Dave Shelton signing Good Dog bad Dog and Niel Cameron to remind everyone the Mobot High graphic novel will hit the stands anytime soon! Gary Northfield and the impossibly energetic Sarah McIntyre had their own tables to man, but the popped in and out as the weekend rolled by.Highlights for me were Seeing Svetlana Chmakova again, who has an anthology book out with Sweatdrop Studios. She made good on her debt of two drawings, from the last time she was in the Uk. So now I can say I have two Svet originals and you don't. Nya Nya Nya!I bought some great small press too, Particularly Ross Burt's Astrofunk #2 and some gorgeous postcards by Celine Choo. She's one to keep your eye on for sure! Special mentions also go to Pud and Emma Vieceli for all the mind-bendingly hard work they put into the Expo twice a year.

Housemate Ronnie made a video. Warning- lots of flirting and piss-takery.

Then I went home and got stuck in a lift. I had to stare at this graffiti for at least half an hour while I tried to escape. Look, it has a diagram!Later.


Death Trip said...

I too am now familiar with thew diagram