Friday, 21 November 2008

Organised Chaos.

Having to move house is painful. The most painful part is the thought that I may soon have to demolish my desk. (I'd love to say "studio" but it has a bed in it too, so it doesn't count.) I generally like to keep my living space tidy and minimalist, but this always falls to pieces when it comes to my working space. I've always wanted the kind of ridiculously cluttered studio you associate with "real" artists and my desk is an amazing amalgamation of ikea tables, computer desks, a parallel motion drawing board, about nine million pens, brushes, pencils and tiny little bottles, stereos and more books than you could shake a....book at. looking at it now i'm amazed it's still upright. I'll be sad to see it go, but with any luck I'll get to build a new one soon. :)

Note: These two pictures were taken when my uni buddies had a polaroid fetish, not in 1975.


Hayden said...

It's always interesting to see where 'the magic happens' for so many people, and your desk is a bit of a surprise! D: Don't worry though, I'm sure your new desk will be more cramped and even more messy!! Here's to the future! Downwards and onwards!

Andy said...

he he.. it's not porn.. lol i remember that monster desk and G3's at your place a uni.. ah fun times.

aqws said...

Dock: If only it was magic! I like being totally cramped, really. I like to be able to reach everything I could possibly need in one sudden movement ^_^
Andy: I still have that desk man, I may set it up in the huuuge living room that we will surely have in a couple of months time.