Thursday, 27 November 2008

War noodling.

I've been trying to work out some palettes for my proposed war story (read as: avoiding real work like it's going out of style.) so I decided to slap some colour on some doodles I did for possible characters. I rather like these two. One looks really idealistic, and the other looks like he might grow up to be some heroic manga bish. I'm looking forward to killing them both.

At the moment i'm still slightly concerned that the colour will turn to a wonderful shade of "bleugh" on the recyclable paper that the DFC uses, however. Damn trees. Next I plan to go through a full horizontal and vertical head rotation sheet for each and every character. This is a totally excessive measure which I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I've just spent the last year progressively designing characters straight onto the page, forgetting what they look like and then cocking them up over and over again. So help me, my next comic will be different.

(I'm aware that these character's faces are wonky, and the irony that that involves!)



nana said...

These look great! They have a very polished look about them. I like the colours as well.

aqws said...

Thanks Nana! I really want to make this comic the best it can be! *determined stance*

よしえ [Yoshie] said...

*butts in*
*makes like lamppost*

Desaturateds ftw. These look good, even the wonkiness looks deliberate.

I like that Nietz whats-his-face portrait too.