Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Well, the DFC went kaput recently, which was a drag. I don't doubt things like The Spider Moon, Mezolith etc. will eventually be made into Graphic Novels, but it's the "eventually" which is ticking everyone off. I have my fingertips in other pies at the moment, so i'm not panicking- but I do have a lot more time now to draw Tanks.
Y'know... as you do... when you're male.


Kate said...

May I borrow your pies? XD Meanwhile, I am back to drawing naked people and skeletons. And naked people doing things with skeletons. It's a funny world.

nana said...

Did you draw those speed lines by hand? *staggers*

aqws said...

Yes. I am a crazy-person.
I also can't figure out how to remove speedlines from manga studio and do all that post-production stuff in photoshop. -_-