Monday, 16 March 2009

Or you'll go blind.

This is the kind of drawing that's like eating a big bar of chocolate or posting to deviantart. It's good for making you feel better and...well that's about it really.
But you get to wave it around and shout "look! I'm a real artist! Look at my rendering!"
How to do this:
  • get a photo. (Yay)
  • put down a midtone grey
  • smudge all over with a rag
  • draw photo
  • use fingers to "blend" (eww)
  • erase with putty rubber.
  • do the arty-arty dance.
It's artistic masturbation but sometimes you just gotta. XD


nana said...

Aha! Sounds easier than it looks! XD

aqws said...

it's actualy just as easy as it sounds. It's why all those street artists use this method- and from a photo it's even easier. You're drawing someone who's not standing/ lying on anything, moving or interacting with anyone. You're really just carving out forms. It's cheat art! ^-^

Ushio said...

Bit of a late response, but 'artistic masturbation'? What the hell!? XD